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Soldier Family
Assistance Center

4512 Stuart Ave
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

(803) 751-2508
(DSN) 734-2508

Email: JacksonWTUFamilies

Monday – Friday
0730 – 1630






Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

The Fort Jackson SFAC is a one stop center for services dedicated to serving Warriors in Transition (WTs) and their Families.  The compassionate, professional and friendly SFAC team is dedicated to encouraging self-development, wellness and to meeting the unique needs of WTs and their Families.

The SFAC team recognizes the need for Family members to be directly involved in the healing process of their service members and loved ones.
The SFAC services are tailored and responsive to the needs of the WTU population and their Families.  The below services are either specifically provided by the SFAC or coordinated in the SFAC.


SFAC Mission

To provide compassionate and coordinated services to Warriors in Transition,
DoD Wounded Civilians and their family members, with a primary
focus on Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Soldiers



• Personnel Services
• Legal Services
• Child Care
• Assistance with lodging & installation access
• FREE Internet Access
• Traumatic Serviceman’s Group Life   Information   (TSGLI)
• Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2)   Information
• Assistance with vehicle registration
• Employment Assistance
• Emergency Financial Assistance

• Entitlement and Benefits Counseling
• Educational Services 
• Family Assistance and Support                 
• Pastoral Services
• Veteran's Benefits Information
• Information and Referral
• Finance (Military pay/Family travel)
• Substance abuse counseling
• Transition Services


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Soldier Family
Assistance Center
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